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What is The Run Away Project?

It started with one person’s idea, then it transformed and was brought to life with around 50 (and counting…!) amazing people. Here’s how it all began:

December 3, 2013 — I was asked over a year ago if I was interested in writing a song for, and I was beyond thrilled and honored. CureDuchenne is a national nonprofit that raises awareness and funds to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The funds that are raised go to support the most promising research programs aimed at treating and curing the disease. For the first time ever, there is hope to find a cure for this destructive disease, which affects thousands of boys and their families – including mine.


I was more than willing to latch my heart and soul onto this project because it is something that is currently affecting my family. 18 months ago, my 6-year-old brother, Jacob, was diagnosed with Duchenne. It hit my entire family pretty hard, and at the time, we knew nothing about the disease. Googling “Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy” was a very scary thing, especially since there isn’t a cure yet. It was also shocking because it is extremely common: 1 out of 3,500 boys will be diagnosed with DMD, and most won’t survive past their mid-twenties. My little brothers are my absolute joy in life. As a big sister, I refuse to accept this, and will stop at nothing to help my brother – and all other boys with DMD – in any way I can.

When I first sat down to write, it was such a horrible experience. All of my words felt negative, hopeless and weak. I knew in my heart to gain awareness, you have to uplift the spirit. Months and months went by, then suddenly I woke up and I knew it was time to write. Inspiration, hope and positivity was on full throttle. In one week, “Run Away” was written, recorded and produced. I decided on the words “Run Away” for a few reasons. One being this is something that a child with Duchenne cannot do. I can imagine every parent wants to see their child play and run without trouble. Another reason is that I feel as if we need to start mentally “running” away from all the negativity the disease brings and “running” towards the cure, together, making each other brave.

The hard part was over, right?? WRONG!!

We have encountered a number of “hills” along the way, but somehow the cards are always in our favor and we make it over the hill, even if it wasn’t as easy as planned. I feel like this is the same battle with finding a cure for Duchenne.

A few weeks later, I contacted a bunch of people about filming a video for the song. The time, effort and work that was (and still is) being put into the video is absolutely humbling. Wardrobe, make-up, photos, lighting, camera work, props, editing… So much goes into one tiny idea – a tiny idea that grows by the day. Soon we will be posting the behind-the-scenes video and, ultimately, releasing the official “Run Away” music video towards the end of November!

Right now, CureDuchenne, myself and sooo, sooo many others have put so much work into making sure “Run Away” will have the best chance possible at success. Our goal is to raise awareness and money to find the cure for all boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 100% of the proceeds from “Run Away” will be donated to CureDuchenne.

There is still a lot of work to be done in the next few weeks leading up to the release, but the team I have involved is incredible. Once everything is released, I will have a GINORMOUS page dedicated to The Run Away Project Team, because it is honestly so amazing to see everyone’s handprint on helping find a cure for Duchenne. You’ll be able to see what part each person played and how we couldn’t have done it without them. (Hint: You are on that page right now – scroll down to see the team!)

If you can help in any way with press, PR, media or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me. There is no act too small.

Or, you can donate directly to CureDuchenne:

—Sarah Burgess

Together, we can Cure Duchenne.
Together, we will Run Away.

Meet the Team

Sarah Burgess


Debra Miller

CEO & Founder, CureDuchenne

Karen Harley


Drew Hoyer


Mark Bembnowski

Loving husband

Sandra Rautenberg

Amazing friend

Rich Sherwin

Amazing friend

Tyler Sherwin

Amazing friend

Jay Dudt

Owner, Audible Images Studio

Stan Kleja

Audio Engineer

Taylor Durham

CEO, Dark Horizon Studios

Richard DePaul

Dark Horizon Studios

Jason Gulbin


Annette Pace


Shana Lohr

Shana Lohr Makeup

Nate Powers

Nate Powers Photography

Allison Boron


Bob Burgess

Burgess family

Melody Burgess

Burgess family

Emily Burgess

Burgess family

Joshua Burgess

Burgess family

Jacob Burgess

Burgess family

Nicholas Burgess

Burgess family

Brian Wolf

Wolf family

Karen Wolf

Wolf family

Jack Wolf

Wolf family

Mark Wolf

Wolf family

Amanda Wolf

Wolf family

Tommy Wolf

Wolf family

Terri Ellsworth

Amazing friend

Billy Ellsworth

Amazing friend

Linda Decker

Amazing friend

Austin Dugger

Amazing friend

Kaleb Barker

Amazing friend

Kayden Guekel

Amazing friend

David Bissel

Logo design

Peggy Larson

Formerly of CureDuchenne

Jeffrey Jacobson

The Jacobson Firm, P.C.

Scott Berardini

Special thanks

200+ St. Gallen Students (Switzerland)

Manuel Hengartner

St. Gallen

Dan Shields


Tom Bellin


Joe Feick


Andy Reamer


Song Credits

Run Away
Produced by: Jay Dudt • Lyrics written by: Sarah Burgess • Vocals: Sarah Burgess • Bass: Tom Bellin • Keyboards: Joe Feick • Guitars: Dan Shields • Drums: Andy Reamer • Engineered & mixed by: Jay Dudt & Stan Kleja • Studio: Audible Images, Pittsburgh, PA • Publishing administered by: Sarah Burgess Music

Run Away (Acoustic)
Produced by: Jay Dudt • Lyrics written by: Sarah Burgess • Vocals: Sarah Burgess • Guitars: Dan Shields • Engineered & mixed by: Jay Dudt • Studio: Audible Images, Pittsburgh, PA • Publishing administered by: Sarah Burgess Music

Executive Producers: Sarah Burgess & Mark Bembnowski

Mastered by: Jay Dudt • Cover photography: Gregory Neiser


Video Credits

Run Away music video
Executive Producer: Sarah Burgess
Producer: Richard DePaul
Director: Taylor Durham
Cinematographer: Jason Gulbin
Dark Horizon Studios